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Please Help !!

Jennifer Mayhugh
I am not sure if I qualify for advice from this group. Found link via facebook group page. So before I write out the complete back story I will give a quick summary of sorts and my current main concern. If you can help with my questions and in general great! If not I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Just let me know.

He is 39 (40 March 3rd):
Retired military (20 years)
Also gets about 1,500 from his job.
Has two daughters. One mine.
Fibbed on something financial to do with my step daughters child support last year. May be in trouble for that.
Has car.

Me: 37
One daughter
Unemployed. Make less than 800/ month on disability.
Our rent is 800.
No car.
Working toward part time job when I have my own vehicle.

I need help figuring out if I have any loan options an/or information on posible resources that would help me financially for a short while.
Reason below.
My husband and I are separating. I know that he will be legally required to pay some things, but of course, there is no gauruntee that he will.
I have improved my credit quite a bit, but still not where it needs to be. I and my daughter need our own place and I still need my own car. I make less than 800 a month. Without actually having that extra income getting a small loan and/or ability to get a decent used vehicle and/or deposit and first month's rent is not easy.

He also gave me this today. I'm not sure exactly if I should contest it Or find a place and if possible legally have him pay for a new cheaper place for Aislinn and I. Honestly this company in my opinion and not proper English, are a bunch of douches. Pardon my language. The landlords were thinking of selling anyway and if I turn this in With my signature they wouldn't be lenient whatsoever.
He also doesn't have a place yet which he had told me he did ages ago. I'm pretty sure I have copies of texts with him saying that. Must have him throwing out bull crap to "scare" me. Typical of a narcissist.
Do you have any idea/s or resources you can direct me to that would be great. I want to make sure he gets out before I do so he can't say I abandoned the marriage or similar first. My daughter's counselor mentioned that to me last appointment.
I worry about income because even if he legally owes that doesn't mean he will pay or act like an adult.
Ok, thanks. Speak soon.not I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Just let me know.