My position: Ongoing fraud, murder, ill-treatment and Failure in the Administration of Justice

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My position: Ongoing fraud, murder, ill-treatment and Failure in the Administration of Justice

Stephen Vassilev
Are You Aware of Complaints to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in May and July 2017? The following position is stated, based on the facts:
Management of the Country:
In  1974 the Bank for International Settlements requested that Canada use commercial lenders instead of its own bank, the Bank of Canada? After using its bank to help finance the Second World War, Canada's Highway system, the St. Lawrence Seaway and other capital projects, by using commercial lenders, Canada ended up with $650 billion in debts, and Ontario with over $300 billion in debts. The Committee On Monetary & Economic Reform court challenges were set aside.
This continues while, claims are made that the debt load is siphoning off funds from social programs and housing projects. Yet when having used the Bank of Canada, all profits went back to the government and the people of Canada's benefit.
3000 years ago it was stated at Proverbs 22:7 The rich one rules the poor, And the borrower is a slave to the lender.
Mortgage practices are challenged. Are the oaths of office met to serve faithfully, according to law, by putting the country into high debt? (Vassilev's challenge T-1410-00 (2000) filed in Federal Court was set aside, while many documents have been plundered)

Examples from the courts:
In 1989-1990 the Chavali family owned over 1000 housing units in Ottawa. The business was made to fail by illegal means, remortgaging illegally. A judgment for $23,000,000 in 1993 was never paid out and further claims were ignored in provincial and federal courts over a 27 year period.
Are the oaths of office being met by being paid high salaries and yet failing to provide equitable judgments?

Estimated Thousands Die
Miners were invited to work in Elliot Lake Uranium Mines and told that they would have jobs for life and their children's children would have jobs. In 1977, it was made clear at hearings in the Ontario legislature that uranium was cheaper to mine in Saskatchewan and Australia, and that the long term uranium contracts would have an outcome of ending sooner rather than later, due to obsolescence clauses. While the mining employees worked for years, the clauses were not revealed to them, until much later.
Yet over a thousand died from the effects of radiation and silica dust (compare Boom Town Blues, p. 197), but the effects of radiation were not revealed to them until many years later. It's is thought that some 3,000-4500 died from these causes through cancer, etc. and over 1,000 were injured.
The equities of about 3,200 to 3,300 housing units in Elliot Lake were available about 1987. Industry practice was to offer the housing to the working mining employees and working public. Allowing 800 housing units for investment, the remaining 2500 units had equities of about $30,000 each or $75,000,000.
Claims for the housing equities of $75,000,000 and the cancer deaths of $4.3 billion were ignored.
Family Vassilevs' efforts to have their bidding on lower priced housing honored, during the downturn, to lower their average mortgage costs, ignored. Contractual obligations ignored. (In other cases too.) The courts ignore claims and various statutory duties and at common law. Existing properties plundered, including in 2000-2001, and possessions further in 2015.

3 Million plus Deaths
Since 1969, when Canada eased its abortion laws, over three million abortions have taken place. Death camp Treblinka yielded nearly 1.2 million victims and Auschwitz 1.3 to 1.5 million, according to more recent estimates. Yet Canada's victims lost about 70 to 80 years of life, while these WWII victims lost on average perhaps 35 to 40 years. Canada's deaths appear twice as bad, in terms of years of life lost. Challenges in the Courts have been set aside.

About 2 million deaths to cancer over 30 years (30% of deaths are from Cancer in Canada)
An estimated 206,200 new cases of cancer and 80,800 deaths from cancer will occur in Canada in 2017. (The number of estimated new cases does not include non-melanoma skin cancer cases.)
Read more:
Cancer deaths in Canada: 2017:  80,800;  2007: 72,700; 1997: 60,700; 1987: 48,460
From 1987 to 2017, if we take an average of 65,000 deaths per year, we've lost about 2 million people to cancer in 30 years.
Yet peoples with natural diets fared without these huge death statistics. Examples: Hunzakuts, Eskimaux (who ate the rumen of the wild animals they killed). Why shouldn't natural diets and living be emphasized to counter big pharma & medicine?

Add your Complaints to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: For Breaches of the Rome Statute: Failure in the Administration of Justice, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, War Crimes, Plunder, among other things.
Please write to Mark P. Dillon, Head of Information & Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor, Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM, The Hague, Netherlands, Telephone: 011-31 70 51 58 515 Telecopie: 011 31 70  51 58 515; File: OTP-CR-193/17
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These matters have been ongoing for decades. Any advice? Thank you for considering. :)