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DV decision

Need to seek advice

I was raised well
Taught to defend myself when cornered and to control my actions in the worst cases
A family dispute went too far when my sister was assaulted by our brother aged both over 20yrs
I feel I should have let them sort it out how it was happening
But I was raised right
I won't stand and allow a woman to be harmed, even more so when already a victim of DV then on top have it be a sibling
I made my choice in being the one and only person to attempt restraint upon the guy I once called my brother
A choke hold was achieved and was not released until he released her by the hair in his grip
Once he complied I made the mistake of loosening my hold
He then turned his rage on me
I was still able to keep him from successfully gaining full control until my head was knocked against a brick wall, through a glass window, a wooden post then the paved ground
The next move was when I had lost my brother
I was already down
I had avoided any opportunity within the wrestle to willingly harm him, even when I launched my fist at him three times I had glared into his eyes and chose to sway aside
I wish I hadn't
He stomped on my face causing my head to cop a knock ending my ability to continue
With whatever strength I had I staggered to a neighbours home seeking refuge while my mother, who had put the three of us in the situation, finally called the authorities

I was hospitalised

He was sent to his 15yr old girlfriends (not to mention the daughter of my mothers partner) home with a 72hour restriction

Among the many injuries I am still discovering I now face many difficult decisions

My biggest problem is that my mother wants me to allow the guy go without any consequence because it's her son that will have it on record

Where do I stand?

Am I wrong in asking

What about what happened to me?

Why did I even bother when I had the chance to end the fighting as it started

I know what most will say

I just can't comprehend much anymore