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Hi everyone - this is a long post - but I hope you can all help me.
This is a "desperate" action for call for anyone to read this and may give us some advice.

We have no-one to turn to anymore.

So please read and hopefully you can tell us your thoughts..

My sisters boyfriend who I will call "Brian" (this is not his real name.) Live in Wales and is currently involved in a court proceedings to do with a physical abuse claim made against him by his ex-wife.

He has had trouble with his ex-wife for a long time now, and recently Brian has just WON a court battle against her, which enabled him to finally see his children at the weekend. (2 girls with his ex-wife). There was no evidence to support her claims.
Brian had to PAY for this court battle and solicitor fees, even though he did not ask for any of this. Brians ex-wife, because she is on benefits - has recieved legal aid throughout this and did not have to pay a single penny.

We have now come to our current court battle where his daughter had marks on her ear, from a day in the park with her siblings, Brian and his sister. His ex-wife has reported him for physical abuse to the daughter. He has now had his children taken away AGAIN!!!

Brian has explained that he had not done anything to his daughter and now we are waiting for all the police and social services who have interviewed all the children, Brian, my sister, his ex-wife about the allegations. But they will not interview Brians sister who was PRESENT at the park and a witness. (WHY they are not interviewing her, I dont know why)
We are now waiting for the police and social services for the next step...

Whilst this is happening - Brians ex-wife has sent over the divorce (which she gets done for free again), they want Brian to PAY ALL THE BLOODY COSTS. She has filed for a restraining order and no contact with the children.

She has put her reasons for divorce is abuse to HER AND HER KIDS - which has been PROVEN innacurate!
She has also put on the divorce that they have been separated for 5 years, when infact it is there wedding anniversary today (29th July).

He has TWO OPTIONS... Pay £600+ to fight this again with a new solicitor - OR - sign this divorce agreement and get it over with. HOWEVER if he signs this divorce, she can use this as a petition for admitted abuse.

We cannot afford anymore legal fees. They have over £2000 of legal fees due to the previous court battle - that Brian did not file for, but WON. And now his only choice is to pay for more legal fees - and his ex-wife doesnt pay a single penny.


My sister could potentionally lose her job as a  childminder and lose her relationship with Brian - who is 100% innocent in all of this.

We are on a losing battle - clearly someone from legal aid is supporting her, all free - incase I havent mentioned this before. But because Brian is fully employed he is liable to pay for everything.

Luckily we have Brians previous partner before his ex-wife (who he has a son from this relatinship) who is good friends with - and is supporting us in this. Has helped us with the previous court battle. However he has been restrained from seeing his son aswell now - because of this claim. (who his previous partner is not happy with). Brian gets to see his son every weekend until now.

We have contacted everyone about any legal help or aid - no-one will help us.

It feels like we have lost. We have no help, we cant speak to anyone as they all say get a solicitior.


Thank you for reading this everyone - I know, no-one can do anything in our situation, but we would love any advice on this or any guidance. But we do not have any money. We are just lost.